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take off

It demonstrates that public pensions can lead to a takeoff from a low growth trap to a higher growth equilibrium.

The constraints on the reaction force (no takeoff, no sliding) give also some limits on the initial velocity (or angular momentum).

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Aircraft may be unable to land or takeoff for several days or occasionally weeks.

They observed that for the same jumping height, different takeoff angles would result in different jump distances.

The industrial ‘ takeoff ‘ did not occur until the 1890s.

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We assume there is no takeoff and no sliding.

The minimum wind velocities required to allow the takeoff of the smallest individuals, of a particular species, may similarly be described.

Common nouns of this type are blackout, break-up, getaway, get-together, hold-up, mix-up, sit-in, and takeoff.

What is a more visible turning point in terms of an economic developmental takeoff stage?

Any explanation of mechanisation must stress the importance of the introduction, in 1930, of the small combine-harvester operated by power takeoff from an all-purpose tractor.

The second is the result that initially identical economies might experience takeoff at very different times.

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Slowly some kind of i consensus between scientists and the military began to emerge, which made possible a modest but steady “takeoff” toward nuclear development.

This actuator (servomotor with gear reducers) rotated the leg to the desired angle at touchdown and takeoff events.

Local production, regional distribution and national interconnection became simultaneously the components of energy takeoff.

At surgery, the aneurysm was found to extend from the anterior wall of the pulmonary trunk to the takeoff of the left pulmonary artery.

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