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Pebble Fleur

Did you know that from the age of 20, each year the ability to produce collagen of the skin decreases by 1%, at the age of 30 this number will increase to 10%. Another harsh truth is that only 30% of nutrients are absorbed into the skin through traditional application. So to solve the above problems, the answer lies in the Pebble Fleur skin care machine.

Pebble Fleur

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Dirt, sebum, impurities often hide deep in the pores. Pebble Fleur uses Positive ION (+) to provide a cleaner and deeper makeup removal step, maximum absorption of dirt under the skin to prevent the proliferation of acne-causing bacteria.


You always waste 70% of the nutrients of cosmetics in the traditional way. With Negative ION (-) technology and radiant heat, Pebble Fleur delivers nutrients through the skin barrier to penetrate directly into each layer of your skin’s epidermis.

Pebble Fleur


Each person’s body has a natural electrical current that enhances blood circulation and collagen production. As we age, the natural electric current in the body weakens, Microcurrent technology mimics this current to lift muscles, limit the appearance of wrinkles, and improve muscles in the face and neck.

Skin will be firm, shiny, smooth visibly after 07 days of use.

– Increases blood circulation up to 35%.

– 10% collagen production.

– Elastin is restored nearly 45%.

Pebble Fleur

Pebble Fleur

Pebble Fleur

Positive Ion

Cleansing level helps to absorb dirt deep inside the poresg

Pebble Fleur

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Negative Ion

Micro – PAT level helps push the essence to penetrate deep into the skin

Pebble Fleur


Helps rejuvenate the skin, stimulate blood circulation under the skin

Pebble Fleur

Heat 400C

Helps to expand pores, enhance absorption of skin care essence



Clean the residue left in the pores.

Pebble Fleur

Remove the ring and insert a cotton pad soaked in toner/makeup remover.

Pebble Fleur

Hold down the power button and adjust to Cleansing mode.

Pebble Fleur

Place cotton on skin and move the device slowly.


This mode effectively stimulates and dilates the skin to bring nutrients into the skin.

Pebble Fleur

Apply your usual skin care product evenly over the entire face.

Pebble Fleur

Press the power switch and adjust to Micro-pat mode.

Pebble Fleur

Place the device face down directly on the skin and move the device slowly.


This mode allows you to control your skin with small vibrationsand slight transitions according to the electrode current

Pebble Fleur

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Apply your regular skin cream evenly on your face.

Pebble Fleur

Hold down the power button and switch to Refresh mode.

Pebble Fleur

Place the device face down directly on the skin and move the device slowly.


Hold down the “Level” button when the device is off and the Fluorescent Detector light will turn on, then point at the product you need to test.

If the light shines on the product it is reflective/white, the product has a fluorescent substance that is harmful to the skin.


Press the Level button to select high or low intensity.

Hold the device with your hand to touch the ion sensors on either side of the body.

Do not use the device on the same area of skin for more than 10 seconds.


2 years genuine warranty:

The first year: Exchange when the machine is damaged and faulty from the manufacturer and cannot be repaired.

Second year: Additional charge.

The device is used for prematurely aging skin, or preventing aging, rough, dark, dark, lifeless skin.

Not recommended for use with patients with open wounds, eczema, tumors or menstruating women, pregnant women.

The device can be used for all skin types. However, if the skin is having inflammatory acne problems, you should limit the use of the device on those acne spots. For blackheads or acne bran can be used to prevent and limit them.

In Micro – PAT mode, it can be used with products: Serum, Lotion, Essence, Cream, Mask so that the essence can penetrate into the skin most effectively. It is recommended to use products with a lot of moisturizing, moisturizing to easily slide the surface of the device on the skin.

It is normal for you to feel stinging during galvanic therapy. You should use Low mode first to let the skin get used to this treatment and then gradually increase to High mode. If you have sensitive skin, you should only use it on Low setting.

Charging for 8 hours for the first time makes the device smooth and durable, after that, the charging time is 1 hour or until the battery is full. When charging, the device will light on Charging, when the battery is full, the light will turn off. Battery life depends on frequency of use, about 1-2 weeks on average.

For the convenience of the warranty, we take care of it via email. If there is a problem during use, please send your Name – Purchase phone number – Product name – Product condition (Image/video of the condition) via email: The warranty department will respond to emails during business hours.

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