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What does JEDI stand for?

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Words nearby suc

subvolution, subway, subwoofer, sub-zero, subzone, suc, succah, succedaneum, succedent, succedent house, succeed

Other definitions for suc (2 of 2)

variant of sub- before c: succeed.

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How to use suc in a sentence

  • Then she ran away as fast as she could and suc-ceeded 634 in reaching a village.

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  • In Riga he began the composition of his first great suc-84-cess, “Rienzi.”

  • The lievre had a delicious suc de viande which went well with the pommes frits.

  • Sugar is ‘le miel Américain Que du suc des roseaux exprima l’Africain.’

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